Best Hob For Indian Cooking 2022[Latest Models]

best hob for Indian cooking 2021

If you are still using a normal gas stove in your modern kitchen then it’s time to buy the best hob for your kitchen in India.

The best hob for Indian cooking is gradually gaining popularity among Indian women. There are several benefits of using a Hob instead of a normal gas stove such as:

  • A Gas stove is not looking beautiful on the kitchen platform, it gives an ordinary look to your kitchen.

On the other hand, a hob can easily fit in the granite platform by matching its surface properly. Cleaning the Hob is also very easy. It is scratch-free, heat resistant, and comes with a top-quality glass top.

How To Choose A Right Gas Hob?

A gas hob generates verticle flame with its 420 holes, on the other hand, standard burners are not so efficient. 

You can see the clear difference in this video…

Note: not all gas hobs come with a burner that produces the vertical flame. In this article, we’ve listed some best gas hobs that come with vertical flame burners. 

Benefits of a verticle flame burner in Gas hob?

An ordinary gas hob burner takes 13 to 15 minutes to boil water while a good quality gas hob burner takes only 10 minutes to do so.

The best quality gas hob can save 20%  of your cooking time than an ordinary gas hob.

Energy Consumption: 

A best-quality gas hob consumes 22% less energy than an ordinary gas hob.

Choosing the right gas hob for your kitchen is a cumbersome task because it takes hours of research and a gas hob is not a cheap product, choosing the wrong gas hob can give you a loss of thousands of rupees. 

Don’t worry about that we are here to do all the daunting search for you. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best Hob for Indian cooking by keeping in mind all the above-listed parameters. 

So without further ados let’s get started…

Best Hobs For Indian Cooking 2022 Comparision Table

Gas Hobs

Number of Burners


Special Features

Bosch Gas Hob( Editor Choice)




Glen Gas Hob( Top Pick)




Iball Gas Hob( Budget Pick)




Faber Hob




Elica Gas Hob




Slide the table for full view.

Best Hob Top Gas Stove In India 2022 Detailed Review

1. Bosch Premium Gas Hob With Verticle Flame(POH6B6B10I)

bosch vertical flame gas hob
editor choice
  • 4 Gas burners with verticle flame & auto-ignition technology.
  • Flame failure safety device.
  • Decent pan support.
  • Black glass base gas hob.
  • 2 years of warranty.

Price under 25k

Check the Latest price here



If you want a premium look as well as quality with a Gas hob then Bosch will not disappoint you. The Gas Hob from Bocsh comes with some unique useful features that will hardly find in any other brand.

A German-based company is popular for its innovative and quality products throughout the whole world. 

The glass hob is made of premium black glass top with 4 elegant burners that generate vertical flame, that way it saves lots of your cooking time and also consumes less energy for this. 

In that way, it will save lots of your gas cylinder bill on per yearly basis.

Our Expert really likes its Flame failure safety feature. It stops the gas supply immediately when gas is not burning properly due to wind or other reasons.

The gas hob comes with 2 years of warranty and its quality is so good that you don’t face any technical issue for years.

Other varient

bosch gas hob stainless steel

Bosch Gas Hob Easy To Clean 

  • Stainless Steel Body.
  • Flame Failure Safety Feature.
  • Easy To Clean than others.
  • Looks very stylish and unbreakable.
  • Elegant knobs with child safety feature.

2. Glen 1074SQ 4 Burner Glass Hob Best In Design

glen good looking glass hob
top pick
  • 8mm thick good looking glass top.
  • 4 Brass burners with double ring flame.
  • Auto-ignition.
  • Excellent pan support.
  • 2 years of warranty.

Price under 20k

Check the Latest price here



The second top pick gas hob is from Glen. Like Bosch, The gas hob from Glen is also looking very elegant at first sight. 

Its 8mm thick tough glass top makes it durable. The Hob comes with 4 forged brass burners with 2 flame rings. In comparison to the Bosch gas hob, its 2 flame rings have also spread the flame evenly over the surface of the bowl.

The auto-ignition feature helps to light up the burner without the need for a lighter. 

Like the Bosch, the entire body is made with tough glass that looks great. One thing we like in Glen than a Bosch gas hob is its steel drip tray which is easy to clean. 

Overall this is a good gas hob that looks good, on the other hand, the Bosch gas hob comes with some unique useful features like the flame failure safety device, verticle flame which keep it top in this list.

3. Best Budget Gas Hob From Iball

Best budget gas hob from iball
budget pick

Price under 10k

Check the Latest price here

  • Best budget friendly gas hob in the market.
  • 4 brass burners which are heat resistance and durable.
  • 7mm tough glass which is heat & scratch resistance.
  • 1 year of standard warranty and 4 years on glass, burner & valve on free registration.



3 burner varient: Best Budget 3 Burner Hob In India 2022

Iball gas hob 3 burner varient

Iball Gas Hob 3 Burners 

  • Black finish Glass top.
  • Auto-ignition.
  • High-quality brass burners.
  • 5 years of warranty.

Price Under 9k

Check the latest price here

If your budget is around 10k and wants to buy the best gas hob which comes with a premium glossy finish so apart from Iball 590GH there is no other option

The gas hob comes with a premium glossy finish black glass that is heat and scratch-resistant. Its elegant design can easily blend with your kitchen interior. 

Although this is a gas hob still you can use it on the kitchen slab as it comes with anti-skid rubber feet.

The Iball hob comes with 4 brass burners. We found that the space between the big burner and small burner is less so if you put a big utensil on the big one then you’ll face a problem in putting another utensil on the small one. 

The three-burner varient does not have less space problem, there is enough space between the burners.

The hob comes with an auto-ignition feature for this a 1.5v battery is included that is good.

You can’t expect a flame failure feature and a vertical flame feature at this price range. 

Overall under the budget of 10k, this is the best gas hob in the online and offline market. 

4. Faber Hob With 3 Brass Burner

faber gas hob with 3 burners

Price under 10k

Check the Latest price here

  • Ultra-slim design.
  • Enough gap between burners.
  • 3 Heavy brass burners.
  • Comes with metal knobs.
  • 1 year of warranty.



This is another budget-oriented gas hob from Faber. Faber is an Indian brand so this is also a make-in-India product other than Iball. 

The one main difference between the Faber hob and Iball hob is, Iball hob comes with 4 brass burners and Faber comes with only 3 brass burners. 

If we talk about the design and its quality so both come with decent build quality with scratch resistance tough glossy glass top. In my opinion, the Iball Looks more stylish and elegant than the Faber Gas hob. 

But Iball provides 4 years of warranty on glass and 1 year on product and Faber provides only 1 year of warranty on their product. This is the plus point of Iball. 

Both Gas Hobs come with an auto-ignition feature and can be used as built-in and freestanding.

Both Gas Hob comes with decent and stable cast iron pan support that is also great. 

5. Best Budget Gas Hob From Elica

Elica Hob 3

Price under 10k

Check the Latest price here

  • 3 multi flame Italian sabaf burners.
  • Enamelled black burners for discoloration
  • 5 years of warranty on glass & 2 years on other parts.



The gas hob from Elica comes in a very handy budget segment. We like its sophisticated Glass design. The company claims 5 years of warranty on glass. 

If you are looking for the best 3 burner hob in India 2022 then this could be the one option for you with some cons. The hob comes with 3 burners which are not made with brass. Enameled black burners are used for discoloration.

Some customers are complaining that its glass broke and its auto-ignition is not working properly after a few months of usage.  

We like its steel drip tray and cast iron pan support helps the container to remain stable on the gas hob.

Overall not a good deal, you can get an Ibell 590GH Hob that comes at the same price and better option than this. 

Which is Better Gas Stove Or Hob in India?

Are you renovating your kitchen and confused about which one will be best for you a Gas stove or a Hob?

Are Hobs Good For Indian Cooking?

Let’s find out the answer…

A gas stove we have seen in our kitchen since childhood and one of the easiest choices for anyone but a Gas hob comes with several useful features and its elegant design enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Lets we talk about some measure differences between them.

  • Design

A gas stove comes with a traditional look that is not appealing while a Gas hob comes with a super slim, stylish, and most elegant look that can fit into every kitchen slab.

The gas hob comes in two varient one is a glass top and the other is a cast iron coated top. 

A glass top gas hob looks very elegant over a metal top gas hob. Choose any one of them but keep in mind that the top should be spill-proof so cleaning is not a headache for you.

  • Installation Time

The installation is much easier for a traditional gas stove while a gas hob requires the help of a professional. 

  • Functionality

The gas hob has several advanced features over a traditional gas stove which are listed below:

  • Auto-ignition
  • Vertical flame 
  • Flame failure safety mechanism
  • Have low flame intensity
  • Multi flame control
  • Smooth rotating knob
  • Alarm system
  • timer

The gas hob comes with a heat/scratch resistance top that is also stain resistant. Another benefit of gas hob is the life of its burners is longer because the food residue and dirt barely come in contact with the burners.

  • Safe and Easy to use

A gas hob is one of the safest devices in your kitchen. It has heat resistance capability and the placement of the knobs is safe due to this you hardly feel the warmth of a high flame.

  • Ignition system

A glass hob comes with two types of ignition arrangements which are:

  • Manual 
  • Electric

A gas hob with manual ignition requires a lighter or matchbox to light the burners.

On the other hand, an electric gas hob does not need much effort. Just dial the knob and it will light the burners.

  • Cost

The cost of a gas hob is much higher than a traditional gas stove. You can buy a gas stove in the 1500 to 2000 price range but the cost of a gas hob starts from 8000 to 20 to 25000 rupees. 

The maintenance cost of a gas hob is also high. Even so, they provide a better and modern look to your kitchen.

Drawbacks of a Gas Hob Over A Gas Stove

In spite of several benefits, a gas hob comes with some downsides to it such as…

  • A gas hob is installed in one place that can not be moved and changing a gas pipe frequently is not a good idea for a costly gas hob. You can change the cylinder by simply removing the regular is the only solution.
  •  Very expensive and maintenance cost is also high.

Best Hob For Indian Cooking 2022 (FAQ)

  • Which hob is best in India?

There are several brands that offer their Gas hobs with different-different price segments.

If we talk about the Brand that offers their premium products with the latest and innovative features then Bosch is leading in this segment. 

For the mid-range, lots of brands are there but in my point of view as per lots of research and reading tons of reviews in the past few months we found Glen offers decent quality gas hobs with some very useful features.

  • Which is the best hob for cooking in the budget?

In the budget segment, you can definitely go with the Iball that offers 5 years of warranty with their gas hob.

  • Does hob consume more gas? 

The traditional gas stove doesn’t come with a flame failure safety device and you don’t find some smart functions over there.

In that way, it consumes more gas and doesn’t provide safety features. 

The Gas hob comes with some smart features such as vertical flame, double layer flame, triple-layer flame, child safety knob. 

All these features help to definitely minimize the use of the gas than a normal gas stove.

Wrap Up On Best HobTop In Inda 2022...

After researching for months, reading lots of reviews, and watching review videos, we have prepared this list of 5 best Hob For Indian Cooking in 2022. 

Go with any one of them as per your choice and budget. All the gas hobs come with some amazing features and also some cons. 

We have to figure out both aspects that make this review unbiased and genuine. If you like this article and find it helpful for you then please share this with your friends who are also interested to buy a gas hob. 

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