Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]

best office chair under 5000

Are you looking for the Best Office Chair Under 5000 in India?

Your daunting search ended here…

If you are someone who works 9 to 5 on a tabletop computer or laptop so you won’t ignore the chair that you use for the whole day of work.

A chair can really affect your work quantity as well as quality and most importantly your health.

Having a good chair for your office work can make your body relax and give the required support to work for a long time.

Not every office chair available in the market is beneficial to you. Here in this article, we have listed the 7 best office chair under 5k that can improve your productivity by giving the proper support to your back. 

So without further delay lets get started…

If you don’t have time to read the whole article then you can consider our recommended 3 best office chair under 5k. 

These chairs are the best in the market and provide all the latest and essential features under our tight budget.

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Savya Home Apex

Amazon Basic Mid Back

Green Soul Mid Back

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]

Lumber back Support

Mesh Back Chair

Spin Shape Design

Ergonimic Handrest With Soft Cushion

Pneumatic Height Adjustment

Available in Ergonomic Colors.

Max Weight – 100 Kg

Max Weight – 102 Kg

Max Weight: 90 Kg

7 Best Office Chair Below 5000 In India Review And Buying Guide

1. Savya Home Apex -AM Medium Back Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • A good quality mesh backrest.
  • 360-degree rotating base.
  • Lumbar back support.
  • Max Weight: 100 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

Savya Home is a brand that introduces in the market in 2009. They manufacture a wide range of office chair and their office chair with a budget of 10k provide the best value for your money.

The build quality of this office chair is no doubt good. The chair is made with polyester and black colour breathable mesh back which is very essential for a good office chair.

Its armrest is made with high quality and strong plastic material as it can not be adjustable. It has an adjustable headrest that is helpful for relaxing during tiresome office work.

Lumbar back support is a good thing that can be adjustable by simply using its lumbar lever. It is also very easy to rock and recline this chair by turning the tilt lever.

The office chair can be reclined up to 125 degree that helps to relax while a long working day.

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2. AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Mid-back mesh chair.
  • Pneumatic height adjustment. 
  • Dual wheel casters.
  • Max Weight: 102 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

This is the most selling and popular office chair under the budget of 5000 with more than 3 plus rating. 

Let’s figure out its features…

The chair is fully adjustable. You can adjust its height and tilted back or adjust the straight position simply by using its pneumonic control.

Mesh cover seat back as it is found in most of the budget-oriented office chairs is helpful to stay cool and dry while stressful working hours.

Its wheels are sturdy and of good quality that can pivot smoothly for your multitasking work.

The chair can handle up to 100 kg of weight without any issue. Due to its plastic or some kind of fibre base heavy persons feel uncomfortable with this chair. This could be the best budget office chair under 5000.

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3. Green Soul Mid Back Ergonomic Cushion Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Breathable Mesh keep back dry.
  • Comfortable fabric seat.
  • Tilted from 90 to 105 degree.
  • Spine shape design.
  • Max weight: 90 Kg
  • 360-degree rotating base.
  • 1 year of warranty.

The third office chair in this list is from Green Soul. The chair comes with an ergonomic look and 4 eye-catching colours combination.

Its colourful mesh back comes with good ventilation that helps to keep your back dry and cool during a long time sitting work. 

You can also push yourself from 90 to 105 degree to relieve your back by its tilted functionality.

Its spine shape design definitely keeps your back at its right posture. The seat is made with moulded foam that is thick and comfortable. 

Overall this could be the best ergonomic office chair under 5000 and best choice for you if you are on a tight budget.

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4. Cellbell Medium Mesh back Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Strong plastic armrest & Heavy-duty mesh back.
  • Thick padded seat for more comfort.
  • Tilted back up to 120 degrees.
  • Max Weight: 105 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

To make your work easy and enhance your productivity its mesh backrest fits according to your spine shape that way it reduces pressure and enhances the comfort level.

Its mesh back is breathable that make your back cooler and support your lumbar. 

While a whole day stressful job, you can relax your body by tilted and recline up to 120 degrees for a better ergonomic experience. 

You can buy this office chair under 4k and you can’t expect the headrest and adjustable armrest at this price range as not any company provide such a feature at this price segment.

Overall this could be your choice if you are on a very tight budget. 

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5. FRUNICOM Office/Study/Revolving Computer Chair for Home Work

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Spine shape design.
  • Strong metal base.
  • Back with soft breathable foam and a thick and comfortable base.
  • Max Weight: 100 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The 5th chair in this list is from Frunicom. Its spine shape design helps to rest your body and maintain the proper posture of the body.

The chair comes with S shape back that is cover by soft breathable foam. It is good in most of the cases and provides comfortable sitting for your whole day working hour.

If your weight is more than 100 kg so we don’t recommend this chair for you as its space feel small for that kind of person.

Its tilt mode is useful to relax and find more comfortable sitting to relax your muscles just pull the lever outward to recline and push inward to lock it at the 90-degree angle.

The build quality of its armrest is also good but it is not adjustable as you can’t find this feature in most budget office chairs.

As this is a budget-oriented office chair that you can get under 4000. It has very basic functions as you can’t expect premium quality with all the latest feature at this price range.

Overall this could be the best office chair under 4000 for your office work. 

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6. Gardenology Ergonomic Office Chair With Adjustable Armrest

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Adjustable Armrest.
  • Single point tilt mechanism.
  • A good quality mesh backrest.
  • PU foam Seat Cushion.
  • Lumbar back support.
  • Max Weight: 120 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The 6th office chair in this list is from Gardenology. Under the budget of 5000 finding an office chair enrich with useful features is a tricky task. 

Its price is not stable due to covid pandemic.

After some research, we successfully find out one chair that has some of the best features that can hardly be found in any other chair under our tight budget.

Although the chair is not in the sight of customers you won’t be disappointed if you’ll purchase this Gardenology office chair.

The mesh back is made of premium quality material that can maintain proper airflow to prevent your back become dry. Its seat is made with High-density PU foam that made the seat neither too soft nor too hard. 

Height adjustable armrest is very helpful for different-different body size people and helps to keep shoulders and neck relax.

Its single-point tilt system is fabulous and you can also recline to relax more comfortably. The chair also provides the flexibility to lean back by putting the legs on the floor for a comfortable experience.

Its strong and movable legs can handle up to 120 kg weight that is also a good feature for a budget office chair. This is the best ergonomic chair in India under 5000.

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7. MBTC mesh office revolving chair.

Best Office Chair Under Rs 5000 in 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Made with polyplastic frame and Nylon mesh.
  • soft padding and waterfall seat edge.
  • Max Weight: 100 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The last chair in this list is from MBTC.

the chair looks ergonomic and made with a polyplastic frame. Its nylon mesh is breathable so you don’t feel any sweetness in your back also the mesh comes with lumbar support to maintain a good body posture. 

The chair comes with easy height adjustment and for comfortable sitting, you can tilt it backside up to 135 degree that is a good feature.

Its armrest feels comfortable while putting your arm on it but it is not adjustable. The quality of the seat foam is also very good.

The base portion is made with plastic and its wheels is silent and don’t scratch the floor.

Overall the chair is good and on this budget, you can’t expect premium feature from the chair.

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Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 5000 Buying Guide

Choosing the best office chair under 5000 from a wide variety available in the market is really a tough task.  If you don’t have proper knowledge, it might cause a bad decision that you’ll regret later.

Here we are providing some essential features detail which is must to consider for choosing a good office chair.  

  1. Adjustable Height:

This is a very important feature that you can adjust your chair height as per your requirement. 

In most cases, we have a tall table in which students study or working on a desktop computer that table so you can easily adjust the height of the chair as per the situation.

2. Tilt Management:

How many angles the office chair go back is one of the most important parts that must be considered before choosing the best office chair for the students or work from home task.

The office chair you buy not necessarily fit perfectly out of the box. In this situation, the tilted mechanism helps to adust the comfortable angle that helps to relax you during your whole day work.

The research shows that an office chair with a slightly reclined facility reduces the chances of any spinal injury.

3. The Space Of Your Seat:

The seat of an office chair should have enough space that you feel comfortable during your busy working day.

An ideal seat should neither too narrow nor too wide that you won’t use your armrest properly.  Choosing the right dimension for your office chair is very important.

4. 3D Adjustable Armrest:

Most of the budget chairs come with fixed or removable armrest. An adjustable armrest is very helpful to work comfortably by placing your arm on the armrest. 

Some good office chairs come with a 3D adjustable armrest that provides more flexibility to move them either left or right for a more convenient feel.

5. Back of The Chair:

Some chairs come with a mesh back that provides proper ventilation and keep your back dry for your long working hour. 

Some chairs come with a leather finish but expensive. Some chairs are firm and others are soft. Choose the right chair as per comfort level not as per to show off. 

6. Lumbar Support:

The lumbar region of our body is the very pivotal part that you should take care of during sitting. Lower back stress is very common among the old age groups as well as professionals.  

All the chair listed above comes with a well made lumbar support system. Now, most manufacturers design their office chair with an s-shaped back that provides support and helps to keep the back portion straight.

7. Other Ergonomic features of the best office chair:

Most of the chairs offer some distinctive features that provide more ergonomic and stress-proof sitting in the workplace.  Some chairs possess a headrest that supports your neck and shoulders. 

Most of the chairs back portion is divided into some parts to helps relief in some specific back-related problems. 

Office Chair Dimentions

What is the standard office chair height?

There is no fixed parameter to determine the height of the best office chair but there are some important things that can be pointed out to achieve the perfect height of the chair.

  • The first thing is that an office chair with the height of where the sit persons both legs are touching the floor perfectly is the best position to relax and working while sitting.

You can achieve this height by simply stand up and adjust the height of the chair in such a manner that the top of the seat is just parallel or below your knee cap.

  • Your arm is just parallel to the desk in which you are working. 

To achieve this position simply adjust the height of your office chair in that way in which your forearms open at a 90 to 110-degree angle

Adjust further the height a little bit to keep in mind that your forearms are just above the desk.

Wrap Up On... Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 5000 In India 2022

Our team works hard to deliver quality by keen research and observation. That’s why all the above-listed office chairs are good in some features and also we’ve listed their cons. 

I hope this article really helps you to figure out the right office chair according to your need and budget.

If you have any question and suggestion feel free to put them into the comment section below.

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