Boy Proposal Goes Wrong In The Classroom, See Girl Strange Behaviour

a boy propose his classmate with a red rose

In the video, a class student who is sporting a red T-shirt is captured approaching a female student who is seated at a desk in the classroom. Their interactions are being recorded by several of their classmates, who are documenting the moment on their mobile devices.

a boy propose his classmate by presenting a red rose

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, couples all over the world are gearing up to celebrate the “love week” with great passion and excitement. This period of time, which is considered lucky by amorous individuals, provides the perfect opportunity to express their affection.

Here is a video rolled into social media in which a boy is seen proposing to his classmate by presenting her with a red rose. Unfortunately, his advances are turned down, leading to an unforeseen and surprising turn of events.”

“In the video, the young man is discreetly holding a red rose in one hand and requests her to accept his proposal. Unfortunately, the sound is not audible in the video but he is trying to impress his Valentine by presenting a red rose to her.

Despite the initial rejection, the persistent young man extends his hand to offer the rose to the young woman. In a sudden twist, she takes the rose and snaps it in half. The young man, clearly angry and upset over the rejection, then hurls the rose at her.

Reacting immediately to this, the girl throws her bag toward the boy’s face but the boy tried to bend his body to escape from this attack.

This video is posted on Twitter by “Ghar Ke Kalesh” and has been watched over 103,000 times and has received thousands of likes from internet users.

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