Retired Out vs Retired Hurt [What is The Difference]

retired hurt vs retired out

Generally, you have seen in the scoreboard written as Retired Out and Retired Hurt. What’s the meaning of these two terms.

Sometimes a player is unable to continue his innings due to some reasons, and here some terms were introduced to define this incident. Recently in T20 2021, you have listened to these two terms which are:

  • Retired Out
  • Retired Hurt

Retired Out

The term retired out is used when a batsman is not able to resume his inning due to some reasons other than injury, illness, or unwell physical condition.

In this case, he is unable to resume his inning until the opposing captain does not permit him. This term is called Retired Out. This term is defined under law 25.

Who is The First Player Who Declare Retired Out?

Marvan Atapattu a Shri Lankan player was the first who dismissed his inning after scoring 200+ runs against the Bangladesh team.

Surprisingly at the same match, Mahela Jayawardene also stands in the same line and declares his inning after scoring 150 runs.

Note: It was the 7 September 2001 Asian Test Championship and the venue was the Sinhalese Sports Club in Colombo.

Retired Hurt(Retired Not Out)

The term Retired Hurn also known as Retired not out stands for when a batsman become injured, feel unwell in the field, and due to bad physical conditions he declares himself not fit to continue his game, but still he has a chance to continue his inning later on when he found himself ready for the game.

The most acceptable term for such a situation is known as Retired not out according to Law 25, while the term Retired Hurn is not acceptable.

Who is The First Player Who Declared Retired Hurt Or Retired Not Out?

The term Retired Hurt was crown of Australian batsman Charles Bannerman. He was injured after scoring 165 due to a throw.

Retired Out Vs Retired Hurt

Retired OutRetired Hurt (Retired Not Out)
1. Player declares his inning to the reason other than physical injury.1. A player declares his inning due to a physical injury.
2. He can continue his inning, later on, only with the consent of the opposing captain.2. He can carry on his game any time when he finds himself ready for it.
3. First player who retired out is Marvan Atapattu.3. The first player who becomes Retired hurt is Charles Bannerman.

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