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7 Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass India 2022[Latest]

If your car has a built-in audio system then you’ll feel the music you are playing has very little bass. 

A true music lover definitely will not satisfy with the built-in audio system of their car.

If you want to improve the overall music experience of your car sound system then you must include A Good quality subwoofer with the existing sound system. 

There are some benefits of installing a subwoofer into your car:

  • The subwoofer works on the low and high-frequency range that produces heavy bass.
  • Generally, the normal sound system fitted in a very small space inside your car so the bass output you get is very minimum and it spoils the overall music experience. 

But no such a problem with a subwoofer. It produces a long sound wave that makes it easy to fit in a small space like under the seat, your car door and anywhere without compromising the power of the bass and the music quality.

Choosing a good quality subwoofer needs lots of research. After researching a lot we’ve listed the 7 Best Subwoofer For Deep Bass in India. 

Read the specification and some unique features of the subwoofer and choose the one that best suits your requirement. 

Without further delay, let’s get started…

1. Pioneer TS Wx 300A With Deep Bass (Inbuilt Amplifier)

Pioneer ts wx300a subwoofer with deep bass

Price Under 10k

Check the latest price here

  • Driver: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 1300 watts.
  • Frequency Response: 20-130Hz
  • Cone Size: 12″
  • Sensitivity: 113dB
  • Built-in Class D Amplifier For Deep Bass.
  • 1 year of warranty. 



If you want to buy a good quality deep bass subwoofer for car that produces deep and high-quality bass at a very reasonable price range then no other than Pioneer satisfy your need.

If you set up a subwoofer with an external amplifier then it will cost you around 13 to 15k but the Pioneer subwoofer comes with a built-in Amplifier that saves your lots of money. 

The amplifier is capable of producing high-quality sound output by amplifying the low bit rate sound input. 

To match the 1300 watts power output the subwoofer comes with a bass boost circuit that increases the bass level to match its exact power.

Our Expert finds the RCA cable and high to low speaker channel convertor are missing that will cost you 800 to 1000 extra. 

Overall this is a premium subwoofer for your car if you can afford it. 

2. JBL 1200W Vs JBL 1400W Which One Is Best?

Don’t buy the HI series they are suck, old models are best. 

jbl 1400 subwoofer

Price Under 6k

Check the latest price here

  • Subwoofer: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 1400 watts.
  • Frequency Response: 35-200 Hz
  • RMS: 325W
  • Sensitivity:90db
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • RMS 325 Watts Peak
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 2 inches
  • 1 year of warranty. 



JBL Amplifier

If you want to buy the best car Subwoofer box for deep bass at a budget segment then no other than JBL provides such a performance and quality that you want to get.

You can also feel the shaky effect in your car with this subwoofer.

Which one is Best JBL 1200 or JBL 1400?

Let’s clarify the difference. Both are the same, the only difference in their peak power. The peak power of JBL 1400 is a little bit higher than 1200 that make it better than JBL 1200.

Why JBL 1400 is better than Sony WX-NW12002?

If we compare JBL with its competitor Sony then JBL is far better than Sony in some features such as:

The frequency range of JBL is between 35-200Hz means its audio quality is not distorted at high volume on the other hand Sony 12002 get distorted when it tunes in half of the frequency range.  

The JBL 1400 provides a nice audible bass with listenable music quality while Sony is only loud it provides a noisy kind of music output that is good for an outdoor setup like in a tractor.

If you are going to install this audio system in your car then JBL is definitely the best choice for you.

Another main difference is in their sensitivity range.

The JBL provide a nice bumping effect (up down range) while you will not get such an effect in Sony.

3. Pioneer TS-W311D4 Deep Bass Subwoofer

pioneer Ts w311D4

Price Under 4k

Check the latest price here

  • Driver: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 1400 watts with a double coil.
  • Frequency Response: 20-125Hz
  • RMS: 400W
  • Voice coil diameter: 2.5 inches.
  • Sensitivity: 95DB
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • 1 year of warranty. 

Pioneer Amplifier

In term of performance and physical look, no doubt the Pioneer subwoofer is definitely a winner but 

Why JBL 1400 is a better option than Pioneer?

Let’s find out…

the main difference is in their price. The Pioneer will cost you 1k to 1.5k extra than JBL 1400 and the whole setup cost is also high for Pioneer.

So in terms of price to performance-wise the JBL is the clear winner. But if you don’t want to compromise with the overall bass quality so you will definitely get a little bit more bump and clean loud bass with Pioneer. 

Pioneer require a high-quality AMP that is costly but the subwoofer is really good. On the other hand, the sound quality of JBL is soft with deep bass quality that you can enjoy with everyone like your friends and family members.

While Pioneer is good for an outdoor setup like in your tractor that is open. But for closed space like car JBP is a good choice.

4. Sony XS-NW12002 12 inch Woofer

sony xs nw12002 subwoofer with punchy bass

Price Under 4k

Check the latest price here

  • Driver: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 1800 watts.
  • Frequency Response: 30-1000Hz
  • RMS: 420W
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • 1 year of warranty. 



Sony Amplifier

If you are someone who likes the noise in the music then Sony is for you. You will get a loud bass output with this subwoofer.

Its frequency range is between 30Hz-1000Hz. We find a distorted and noisy output when we tune it at 500 Hz. 

If you want a quality music output with deep clean bass then this is not for you. You have to go with JBL for that.

Its cone is made of some kind of hard substance and its sensitivity range is 86 DB that mean its bumping effect is not good as compare to JBL.

Its frequency range is high as compare to JBL but we find it gets distorted as we set it at 500 Hz

Enclosers are the same for both companies but the cone of JBL is soft as compare to Sony that reduces the distortion effectively and provides quality and deep bass in your music.

Overall under the budget of 4k, if you want to set up it outdoor and want a loud bass so Sony could be the best choice for you.

5. Rockford Fosgate Prime Subwoofer R1-S412

rockford fosgate car subwoofer with deep baas

Price Under 6k

Check the latest price here

  • Driver: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 300 watts.
  • Frequency Response: 22-250 Hz
  • RMS: 420W
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • 200 Watts RMS 400 Watts Peak
  • 1 year of warranty. 



If you want to buy a subwoofer that produces deep clean bass then Rockford is better than our previous listed subwoofer which is Sony XS-NW12002.

Take a look at its frequency range that is between 22Hz to 250 Hz which is best to produce deep high-quality clear bass while the frequency range of Sony started from 30Hz.

Its RMS range is between 200w to 400w that’s mean you don’t need to buy a costly high watt AMP.

Most of the high-quality costly subwoofers come with a frequency range between 15-250Hz so you can understand the performance you can get with this subwoofer.

This is better than the JBL 1200 and 1400 series subwoofers in term of the quality of bass but a little bit costly.

Overall this is the best value for money product from Rockford which is specially designed for bass lovers

6. Infinity Primus 1270 Budget Subwoofer For Deep Bass

infinity primus 1270 subwoofer

Price Under 3k

Check the latest price here

  • Subwoofer: 12 inches
  • Max Music Power Output: 1200 watts.
  • Frequency Response: 35-200 Hz
  • RMS: 300W
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 91DB
  • 1 year of warranty. 



Truly we really like the old models of JBL like 1100, 1200, 1400 they are best in terms of built quality and performance but now Company uses the cheap component to their product due to this their new models are the suck.

Also Old model of the Sony 1800 is also a good model rather than their new models. 

One more very famous brand that provides the same quality at a very reasonable price is Infinity Primus 1270

You will get the same performance as you get from JBL with this subwoofer. Its cone is rubberized and 91 Db sensitivity done its job and provide a satisfying bumping effect

The sound is good with decent deep clean bass that forces your car to shake. 

The sound is not distorted even at the full sound and it is very compact that can fit inside your small car. 

Overall this is also a subwoofer that can be picked rather than other brands. 

7. Kiano Supreme Base Tube With Super Bass (With AMP)

kiano bass tube with subwoofer

Price Under 5k

Check the latest price here

  • Size: 8 inches
  • Frequency Response: 40-200 Hz
  • 1 year of warranty. 



The bass tube is designed to keep in mind the needs of deep bass performance at a very low space

The bass tube performance is also very good as a dedicated subwoofer has but this is for those who have a small car and want to install a good sound system into their car. 

The Base tube comes with AMP so don’t need to invest your money in it. 

Its frequency range is between 40Hz-200 Hz that can be controlled by a frequency controller

All the necessary wiring accessories are included with its box and also the company provide one year of warranty with it but we don’t like the customer service of this brand that should need to be improved.

Deep Bass Subwoofer For Car Buying Guide 2022

The quality of the bass is not dependent on any particular component. There are several factors that decide the quality of the sound output and the durability of a subwoofer. 

Let’s dig deep to know 

How to Choose the Best Subwoofer that can produce deep punchy bass?

Here the first most important thing is, you have to decide which kind of Bass you want to enjoy with the overall sound system that you want to install inside of your car.

Types Of Bass Produce By A Subwoofer

There are two types of basses that you can get with your subwoofer:

  • Low Bass 
  • Loud Bass

Low Bass:

Don’t be confused about the term that I used here.

A Low Bass does not mean the bass is low or you will get a sound output with poor bass. 

A Low bass output means you will get a clean and pleasing music experience with your subwoofer that has listenable deep bass and it also has the capability to shake the interior and window of your car.

This is something that you can enjoy listening with anyone mean with your family, friends without disturbing the sound. 

This kind of subwoofer is best for your Car if you want to get a quality music experience with pour and deep punchy bass. 

A low bass produces sound waves of music that can shake your car without distorting or cracking the vocal quality of the sound even in high volume. 

Most of the English songs and some Hindi songs are designed in low bass frequency so you can enjoy them in a better manner with this type of subwoofer.

Loud Bass:

Loud bass is good for an outdoor setup like if you want to set up it in your tractor or anywhere that is open. 

A loud bass subwoofer can produce a loud and noisy music output that can create headache and sometimes not pleasing

You can enjoy that music for few hours. This type of sound setup, you can mostly see in competition. 

In this type of setup, you can enjoy the loudness and hard shaking effect of the car interior. 

Most people like this setup so a loud bass subwoofer could be best for them. 

So the first most important thing is to decide the need of yours mean which type of music experience you want to get from a subwoofer. 

some subwoofer is good to produce low bass for a pleasing deep bass experience and some are good for producing loud bass and here one more category that can produce both types of sound output. 

Everyone has different taste, some people like low bass and soothing music experience and others want to listen to a piece of loud music. 

Some key factors that must be understood before choosing a subwoofer for you:

  1. Voice Coil: 

This is one of the most important parts that create a difference between the best subwoofer and a good subwoofer.

A thin voice coil enables a sound driver to produce a high-frequency range while a thick voice coil can produce low frequency better. 

2. Suspension (Spider)

This is attached with a voice coil. If it is a good quality then it enhances the life of your subwoofer. 

Its size is also make big difference between a Best subwoofer and a goos subwoofer. 

If its size is small then its bumping effect is very low and unpleasing and it also creates distortion when you raise the volume. 

A big size spider provides a better bumping effect and the cone shake well and can produce deep and distortion-free output even in high volume.

If you buy a costly and high quality subwoofer that doesn’t mean that you can get a desire output with your setup. 

Every component plays a very important role to produce a quality deep bass.

The encloser in which you are going to fit the subwoofer has a proper dimension to flow the air effectively.

The speakers should be of good quality as they produce treble very well. 

The Music panel should be from a good company so that it delivered the proper low, mid and loud frequency so that the subwoofer perform well.

The AMP play a very important role because it amplifies the sound that is delivered. 

Apart from that the setting of an equalizer to get the desired low or high deep bass is also played a very important role to give a proper output from the setup.

Subwoofer takes some space in your car because it needs a big enclosure, an Amp to set up but if you have a small car that can not be modified and you want to set up a decent quality sound system in your car then a bass tube will definitely solve your problem.

A bass tube is mainly designed for small spaces. It comes with an encloser and some models also come with an inbuilt AMP. 

The sound quality of a bass tube is almost the same as a subwoofer. 

Wrap Up On Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass 2022

Choosing the right subwoofer is really a tricky task. You have to first understand the need of yours. 

After that choose the right subwoofer according to our guideline. Choose the proper dimension of the enclosure as mentioned in the manual inside the box. 

After tune a few settings of AMP and equalizer, you will able to get a decent result from the subwoofer. 

As per our research, we found JBL1400 is one of the best budget-oriented subwoofers right now.

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