Best Room Heater Under 2500 2022[Latest Top Pick]

Want to buy the best room heater for your home to tackle the chilled winter with ease. You are in right place. A room heater is one of the neediest things in winter especially if you have toddlers and old family members. 

A good room heater is not only provides warmness but also reduces humidity in the air. 

But wait…

Not every room heater has the same property that will keep your room warm without much impact on your electricity bill, also there are different types of room heaters are available in the market.

So the question is…?

How To Choose The Best Room Heater Under 2500?

You would never do this that you buy anything from the market randomly without doing any research.  That’s why here, I’m going to share some crucial information about a heater that you must have to aware of.

But wait if you are in hurry and don’t want to go with the whole article then go with these most power-efficient, feature-rich & lightweight room heaters under your budget.

Comparison Table Of 3 Best Room Heater Under 2500 In India

USHA 812T Room Heater (Best)

ORPAT OEH 1200 & 1220 (Runner UP)

Usha 3002 Radiant Heater (Power Efficient)

Capacity: 2000 Watts

Capacity: 2000 Watts

Capacity: 800 watts

Area: 120 square feet

 Area: 250 square feet

Area: 125 to 150 square feet

Weight: 3.39 kg

Weight: 1.10 kg

Weight: 2.49 kg

Overheat protection

Overheat protection

Overheat protection

Adustable thermostat

Thermal cut off feature

Low power consumption

Two power mode 1000/2000 watts.

Two power settings 1000/2000 watts.

Comes with two quart heating tube.

Twin fan with side vents for better and efficient heating.

Comes with 3 fan settings for effective heating.

No Fan No Noise

Energy efficient room heater.

100% copper wire motor for long life.

Two power mode to customize heating output & maximize energy saving.

Types Of Room Heater

There are three types of room heaters available in the market. 

  • Radiant Heater/Fan Heater

You will see three types of Radiant heaters in the market…

  1. Quartz  Radiant Heater
  2. Halogen Radiant Heater
  3. Carbon Radiant Heater

Here, Carbon Radiant Heater is the best among the others in terms of heat generation and efficiency. Halogen Radiant Heater comes second in this category and finally comes the Quartz Radiant Heater.

This is one of the poor-quality room heaters. I would never suggest you buy a Quartz based room heater. Better to invest a few more amounts to get some best room heaters those I’ll suggest later on in this article.

Let me know that the power consumption in all three variants is the same.

  • Convection Air Blower

There are two types of Convection Air Blower available in the market…

  1. Mica Insulator
  2. PTC Element

I would suggest must go with the PTC Element-based room heaters, PTC is the latest and most efficient technology that is used in modern Room Heaters.

  • Oil Filled Room Heater

Oil-Filled room heaters are best for a large room, but they are costly. They are helpful to keep the room warm for an extended time period than others. An Oil-Filled Room Heater works on the concept of latent heat.

The heater takes some time to warm the filled oil, and when the oil is heated up, it remains warm and provides better heating for an extended period of time with less power consumption.

What Is A Good Room Heater Under The Budget Of 2500 In India?

According to our budget, we don’t talk much about some higher variants. Under the budget of 2500, you will get a room heater that can work perfectly for 250 square foot room.  

But not every room heater perform well. After hours of research, compared all the latest as well as bestseller room heaters, we have listed some of those models that are highly trusted and can give the best value for your money.

So without further ado’s…

Let’s get started…

5 Best Room Heaters Under Rs. 2500 In India Detailed Review

1. Usha Heat Convector 812T Room Heater

Old And Evergreen Model With Instance Heating Feature

usha 812t convection room heater
  • Wattage: 2000
  • Heating Coverage: 120 square feet
  • Overheat protection & ISI Mark
  • Weight: 3.39 kg
  • One year of warranty


  • Build quality is better than any other budget room heater.
  • You have to choose from 2 power modes 1000/2000.
  • Twin-turbo design for fast and efficient heating.
  • The quality inbuilt fan ensures instance heating.
  • Side vent for better airflow.
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat.
  • ISI marked and overheat protection.


  • Not a good option if you want to keep warm your room with more than 120 square feet of area.

The first room heater in this list is from USHA. This is USHA Heat Convector 423 N. The build quality of this room heater is inspired by a somehow classic tap recorder in my point of view. 

Its old model comes with whole metal build quality but now company uses the combination of metal and plastic in their room heaters.

The room heater comes with 2 fan modes (low & high) and three power settings to choose the best heating temperature according to your convenience.

The company makes it ISI certified and overheating protection makes it perfect to work for a long time. Its adjustable base stand allows you to change the position of the air blower accordingly.

This is a lightweight room heater and works great for a room size up to 150 square feet. I am really impressed with how it performs well without making unbearable noise.

Overall this is a nice room heater under the budget of 2500 for your home. This could be the one choice for you, if you don’t want to spend much but want a warm solution to the chilled winter.

2. Orpat OEH 1200, 2000 Room Heater

Best Convection Room Heater Under 2500

Orpat OEH 1220 2000 Watt Room Heater
  • Wattage: 2000
  • Heating Coverage: 250 foot
  • Overheat protection
  • Body Material: Plastic, Metal
  • One year of warranty


  • Convection room heater at your budget.
  • Best for small to medium size room.
  • Comes with the latest PTC technology.
  • Thermal Cut Feature for added security.
  • Two separate heat settings one is 1000 watts and another 2000 watts.


  • Little bit noisy.
  • 15A power outlet is required to operate.

Under the budget of 2500, if you want to buy a room heater with PTC technology then the first one is Orpat OEH.

The room heater from Orpat seems flimsy in touch but with proper handling, it can deliver long-lasting performance no doubt. I found the room heater works continuously for 6 to 7 hours without any problem. 

Its 15A plug does not work in the standard 5 or 6A socket. Thanks to the overheating protection and thermal cut-off feature for safety.

The room heater comes with two thermal settings from 1000 watts to 2000 watts. When you will operate it to 2000 watts, it creates some noise. The room heater can be adjusted in these three settings:

  • Level 1: Cool Air
  • Level 2: 50% Hot
  • Level 3: 100% Hot Air

Overall the room heater is best for a room size up to 250 square feet and good for those who don’t want to spend much in a room heater and want to keep their room warm.

3. Orpat OEH 1220 Room Heater

Best Room Heater Under 2500 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Wattage: 2000
  • Heating Coverage: 250 foot
  • Material: Plastic and metal 
  • Weight: 1.01 kg
  • One year of warranty


  • 100% Pure Copper Wire Motor for long life.
  • 2 Heat setting knob 1000 and 2000 watts.
  • Overheat protection & safety cut off.
  • Can be used as a normal Fan in summer.
  • Small, light and compact design.
  • Best in budget for small or medium room.


  • Its build quality seems flimsy.
  • The fan makes noise, when operated on high setting.

If you are looking for a small, lightweight, and compact room heater for your home then Orpat offers such a nice room heater at a very affordable price range.

The room heater is compact and takes a very small space and can be placed anywhere in the room. The heater is made of plastic and metal that seems flimsy when you touch it, but it will be with you for a long period of time when handle with care.

But what you can expect at this price range. The room heater is the best suited for a room up to 250 square feet. It has two power settings 1000 & 2000 watts. When you operate it in 2000 watts then it makes some noise.

Overheat protection, safety cut-off are some very useful features that make it safe to operate. The 100% copper wire motor increases its life.

Overall a nice room heater under the budget of 1500 and best for those who don’t want to spend much on a room heater.

4. Usha 3002 800 Watts Room Heater (Low Power Consumption)

Best Radiant Room Heater Under 2500

usha 3002 800 watts room heater
  • Wattage: 800
  • Heating Coverage: 150 square foot
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Weight: 2.49 kg
  • One year of warranty


  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Comes with inbuilt tip over switch.
  • Two power mode to customize heating output & maximize energy saving.
  • No fan no noise.


  • Work well only for a particular spot of your room.
  • No fan, that can distribute the heat effectively.

If your budget is under 1500 and wants to buy the best Radiant room heater for your home then have a look at this model.

This is a radiant room heater from Usha. The heater comes with the ok-ok build quality, as it is a budget-oriented room heater so you can’t expect a better build quality at this price range.

The heater is equipped with 2 quartz heating tubes, the blowing fan is missing in this model which makes it silent in operation but this is not a very effective heating appliance if you want to keep warm the entire room.

If the size of your room is between 100 to 125 square feet then you can consider this one. There are some nice features included in this model which are :

  • Low power consumption.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Tip-over switch.
  • Noiseless operation.

Overall a nice radiant room heater for those who don’t want to spend much in a room heater. The heater is good for your work desk, and for the bedside, just place this room heater at the side of your desk and work long hours without any limit.

5. Havells Co Zio Quartz Room Heater

Best Quartz Room Heater Under 2500

havells co zio quartz room heater
  • Wattage: 800
  • Heating Coverage: 10 meter of area
  • Heating Method: Convection
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Two years of warranty


  • Comes with 2 Quartz heating tubes, work well in 10 meter of range.
  • 2 Heat setting 400  and 800 watts.
  • Rust free stainless steel reflector.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • No fan no noise.
  • 2 Years of warranty.


  • Work well only for a particular spot of your room.
  • No fan, that can distribute the heat effectively.

The fifth room heater is for those who are working 4 to 5 hours sitting in a corner of their room or office and want to warm that area to work continuously in chilled winter.

The heater comes with two Quartz rods, that heating up and keep up to 10-meter areas warm instantly. As there is no fan, you will get noise free heating that is very effective, if you are working hours by sitting in a particular spot. You can also use it as a bedside heater.

Its front grill is made of stainless steel that ensures kids won’t reach its hot tubes accidently. The heater is very compact and lightweight so you can place it anywhere in your room easily. 

Company provides 2 years of warranty on this convection room heater that is good. 

Overall a nice room heater under your budget. Two heating settings allow you to adjust its temperature according to your need.

Difference Between The Convection Room Heater, Quartz Room Heater & Oil Filled Room Heater

Convection Room Heater (Fan Heater)

Quartz Room Heater

Oil Filled Room Heater

Heat is generated by the heating element and a blowing fan can disperate the generated heat throughout the room.

Quartz heating rods are used to produce heat and the heat disipates gradually-gradually.

The oil heats up inside it and radiation keep the surroundings warm.

One of the most energy efficient Room heater right now.

This is one of the most economic heating solution that are available in the market.

This is one of the most effective heating solutions for chilled winter.

It provides balanced heating in the whole room.

It is only effective for small space or for only specific spot of the room.

This is best to heat-up a large room.

Due to the fan is used, it is a little bit noisy.

No fan no noise.

Less noisy than a convection heater.

It reduce humidity and dry out the air so this is not suitable for a family having children below 5 years.

It also reduce humidity from the air and may dry out your skin in some extend.

It maintains the moisure level of surroundings and health friendly option for your family.

How To Choose The Best Room Heater Under 2500 According To The Size Of My Room?

Choosing the right size room heater is very important to keep the room warm enough so that you feel comfortable whether there is chilled cold outside. The power and capacity of a room heater are defined by its wattage. 

The highest watts give the best result for a large room and provide effective heat throughout the room. A room heater with 10 to 11 watts is able to keep warm 1 square foot of area effectively.

Here, below I’m providing a chart that helps to choose the right room heater according to the size of your room.

size chart to buy a room heater

Wrap Up On Best Room Heater Under 2500 India

Choosing the right room heater according to the size of your room and under your tight budget is a tricky task. 

This is why we are here, to help you. In this article I have shared some best room heaters that come with decent build quality, overheating protection and energy-efficient technology.

You can choose any one of them but I personally recommend going with Orpat OEH 1200 and 1220 Room Heater due to their best build quality and for optimum performance.

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