7 Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000 [Latest Top Pick]

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000

Due to the advancement of the Bluetooth technology wired earphones have become past scene also people don’t talk about Bluetooth unable wireless earphone.  

Now people are searching for The Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000. People don’t want to tangle with wire anymore. They want the fun of truly wireless earbuds within budget.

Our research team examine 30 + top rated and Best Earbuds Under 3000 In India 2020  available in the market and choose 7  Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000 that suite your budget and personality.

I must recommend you to go through our buying guide that not only helps you to choose the best wireless earbuds from hundreds of competing companies but also make you an expert in this category.

So lets get started……………………

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 3000

Detailed Review of 7 Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000

1. boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Ear-Buds

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2500

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000


  • Model No: Airdrop 441
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 6 mm driver.
  • IPX7 (Sweat & Water Resistance).
  • Carry case with 500 MAH battery.
  •  Each earbud carries a 35 MAH battery.
  • C type charging port.
  • 1-year warranty.

Which is the Best Earbuds Under 3000?

The first true wireless earbud in our list is from boAt and this is best under the 3k budget segment. It offers innovative and budget-oriented sound products which are most famous for sound lovers.

This Wireless earbud comes with a 6 mm driver which provide immersive sound experience to their customer. 

Design & Look

The design of this earbud is ergonomic and comes in 5 colours, which are:

  • Active Black
  • Bumblebee Yellow
  • Raging Red
  • Spirit Lime
  • Sporty Blue

This earbud comes with a very attractive design, builds quality and secure fit buds ensure that you can wear these buds on the ear comfortably.

Each earbud carries 35 MAH and its case carries 500 MAH lithium-ion battery. In a single charge, you will enjoy 5 hours of music playback and an additional 25 hours of music playback with its carry case. 

you can easily use these earbuds in the gym because it comes with IPX7 certificate that makes it water & sweatproof.

Our Verdict :

Best Earbuds Under 2500 In India among our top 7 list.



2. OPPO ENCO W31 True Wireless Earphone


Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000 In India

oppo true wireless earbuds

Our second true wireless earbud is from Oppo. Oppo is always known for its innovative and quality products. 

If your budget is between 3000 to 5000 then this one the best as per build quality and functionality.

Oppo ENCO W31 comes with decent battery life and built quality. Let’s see some of its advance features:

Design & Built Quality

Oppo ENCO W31 comes with proper silicon earbuds tips that ensure you can wear it for hours comfortably.  Its soft material can seal the ear with comfort and provide better noise cancellation.

 The design of this earbud is like a hockey puck with champ shell opening and closing system. Inside the charging, case there is a space to hold earbuds securely by using magnet grip. 

charging pins inside the cutout portion with one LED indicator and a button. By pressing the button you simply enter in the pairing mode and also check the battery level.

Sound Quality

This wireless earbud comes with 7mm driver that is smartly optimised to provide brilliant performance.  It performs well to handle high, mid and low pitch and ensure that no beat remain unnoticed.

Battery backup and charging time

The company claim that you can get 3.5 hours battery backup in a single charge but got around 3 hours 10 minutes of battery backup with 75% volume setting.

The charging case and earbuds take 2.5 hours to get fully charged. 

Intelligent touch control

you can manage some task with your fingertips, like if you want to change the audio mode (balance mode/ bass mode) just double tab on the left side.

by double tab right side, you can change songs. you can activate voice assistance by the triple tab on either side.

 It has wearing mode smart feature that automatically plays and pauses songs. The body is IP54 certified that ensure you can use it in the gym and outdoor.



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3. Realme Earbuds

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000

Realme is well-established brand in mobile segment, now they have entered into the non smartphone categories. Now the market of truly wireless earbuds grow gradually. 

Design & Built Quality

Apple airpods are the innovative true wireless earbuds and most of the companies trying to copy its concept. Realme also do that for their budget segment consumers. 

Build quality is quite impressive cause of best quality plastic. this wireless earbud comes with a charging case with USB type c port at its bottom. 

It has a front facing led indicator and a function key. Opening and closing of this charging case is quite annoying.

The ear buds can be comfortable for you but for those who have small ears faces some issue.

Sound Quality

Realme bud air comes with 12 mm sound driver which is trying to enhance the bass output. If you want heavy background music with laud volume  then the vocals starting distroted.

Its noise cancellation is very poor. You can hear surrounding sound easily even if you are listening music loadly.

Its call quality is pretty impressive people on the other side listen us load and clear. Realme bud air comes with gaming mode which is trying to maintain low latency rate while game play.

Battery Life

We can get 3 hours of juice easily in a single charge and with case it can stay with you for 14 hours. The wireless buds charged completely within 2 hours with a USB type C cable.


Realme buds air is an entry-level truly wireless earbuds with some pros and cons. Its call quality is decent and battery life is committable. 



4. Redmi true wireless earbuds

redmi wireless earbuds

Our 4th true wireless earbuds is from Redmi. True wireless earbuds are gradually popular in the earphone segment. Redmi offer the best quality and innovative concept from the beginning of time.

Let’s check what features it offer:

Built Quality And Design

This earbud comes with an in-ear style which ensures better surrounding noise cancellation than the semi-open hard plastic design.

The matte black finish is easy to clean than the glossy option. Its rectangular shape can easily fit inside the ear canal. The weight is just 4g and you can wear and enjoy music for hours.

 Each earbud has led indicator that informs the current status like white for pairing mode and red for charging mode.

Sound Quality

If you are demanding a great combination of bass and treble then these earbuds are not for you. bass is over accentuated and very load to feel a lack of clarity.

If we talk about high and treble, these are not emphasised enough. It is ok but you feel lack of clarity.

Battery life

You can get 4 hours of battery backup in a single charge if the volume is set up to 50%. If you increase the volume the battery back up will reduce.



5. Boult Audio AirBass Wireless Earbuds

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000

5th product in this segment is again from boAt. The company provides a wide range of variety in every price segment. Its price is around 3000 and comes with IPX7 rating and other features. 

Let’s find out how do this earbud perform and how is sound quality in reality.

Design & Built Quality

The look of this wireless earbud is elegant. Its plastic case comes with a pill like design with the company logo at the top. The size is very small and very light to carry easily.

Its left side has a micro USB port. Its magnets are powerful but the opening and closing mechanism of the case feels a little bit flimsy.

Earbuds come with earloop sporty design that can fit perfectly inside the ear canal. The body is certified with IPX7 that makes it perfect to use while jogging and at the gym.

The case has a physical button by pressing it the earbuds starts charging and also indicate the battery level.

Sound Quality

This wireless earbud comes with neodymium technology that delivered crystal clear sound with balanced Bass and treble. It has a microphone for noise cancellation.

Battery Backup

You can easily get 5 hours of battery backup in a single charge. It is with you for 4 to 5 days in standby mode. The case can charge it up to 3 times in a single charge.

its both earbuds can connect with two different devices at the same time. The design ensures that it can not easily be lost.



6. Arbily Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000

 The Arbily is a Chinese brand which established in the market since 2019. It provides innovative and quality products in a very appealing price point.

 The Arbily wireless earbuds come with a very ergonomic design, its attractive and sporty look is eye-catching. 

For enhancing its sound quality it has 6mm full-range, dynamic driver, graphene and TUP composite diaphragm that amplify the overall sound quality.

Bluetooth 5.0 provide stable and long-distance connection with long battery life. For better noise cancellation it has a built-in environment noise cancellation that reduces ambient noise from the surrounding.

IPX7 certified earbuds can easily be used while workout and outside jogging without worried about any malfunction.

It gets fully charged within 1.5 hours and give 4 hours of runtime in a single charge. Its case carries a 600 mah battery that gives total 35 hours of juice to you.

It has a multifunctional button which controls music play/ pause, volume control, attend and reject phone called and voice assistance.



7. Mivi Duopods M40 True Wireless Earbuds

best true wireless earbuds india under 3000

Our last true wireless earbud is from a new brand Mivi.  Mivi offers the most affordable true wireless earbuds with some interesting features.

Mivi collaborates with some most famous YouTubers namely Mumbaiker Nikhil and Bhuvan bam to promote their products.

Let’s get started:

Design & Build Quality

Mivi m40 comes in a very small charging case. you can easily put it in a keychain.  The earbuds nested inside it with a powerful magnet that can hold them tightly. 

The size of the earbuds is small that can fit into the ear canal comfortably. Led light indicates the pairing and charging mode with black and blue colour.

The earbuds come with a splash-proof body and at the upper side of earbuds has a multipurpose switch, you can play/pause the music track, make and cancel phone calls by using it.

Sound Quality

Mivi offers decent sound quality with balanced bass and treble. If we talk about the call quality so you will disappoint somehow. 

During calls, the voice is distorted after using it for some time. It is a good option for regular video, music and calls but if you are very selective music lover so you have to spend more for a better option.

Battery backup

With a single charge, it will stay with you up to 4 hours with 50 to 60 % volume setting. Its charging case feeds it 3 to 4 times in a single charge, which is a pretty good thing.

Mivi m40 body is certified with ipx4 technology that makes it sweatproof and splashproof. you can use it at the gym and outdoor jogging without worry.



Comparison Table of 7 Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000

7 Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000

Battery Backup


check out  

5 Hours + 25 Hours with case

1 year

3.5 Hours

1 year

3 Hours + 17 Hours with case

6 months

12 Hours of runtime with case

6 months

5 Hours of Runtime

1 year

4 Hours + 30 Hours with case

30 days 

4 hours 

1 year

Buying Guide of Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000

Buying a Best true wireless earbuds India under 3000 is not an easy task because lots of companies manufacture their products just for revenue, not for the enhancement of the consumer user experience.

None of the earphones is perfect that give you 100% satisfaction in all the categories, but if you will point out these areas so this will definitely enhance your overall user experience.

Size and comfort while wearing

The first thing comes in your mind before buying the true wireless earbuds is something that fits.

Most of the earbuds come in a massive bulky size that can not fit inside your ear canal. Apple AirPods is a bad example of this. 

If your ears are small then overly bulky earbuds will be hard to fit also dispensation of the weight at the backend make it hard to keep in place while you are moving around.

I would recommend you to go with a nice ergonomic design that can fit perfectly and create a perfect seal and don’t fall during body movement.

Here I am giving a bad example of design and worst fitting in the ear canal is Realme Earbuds and if you want something that best fit for you is Oppo Enco W31.

Sound Quality

I have tasted most of the wireless earbuds over the year and I found that most of them are performing very bad. Weak and distorted bass and treble combination are very common.

Another most important drawback is the lack of volume output. Loudness is very important to enjoy any music track at best level.

A limited volume level creates frustration in the user’s mind. The volume level can be set in such a way that it can go up from the usual listening volume. 

Using any earphones at 100% volume setting can drain the battery very fast and minimize the life of the battery.

Now companies focus on this side and standard drivers are used to provide the best combination of Bass and treble that enhance user experience.

Connectivity Issue

In most cases there is some connectivity issue occur with some devices. One earbud works perfectly while another lag. This problem occurs when there is some issue in connectivity.

Now almost latest wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 this is the latest version that comes with fast and stable connectivity and work well for long-distance and also enhance battery life.

Battery life

A good battery backup plays a major role in any electronic device. Normally all the latest earbuds come with 6 to 8 hours of battery life. you can further charge 3 to 4 time by their charging case.

This is good but most of the situation you might not able to take full advantage of charging case if you are on a long flight or a champing trip.


Our review of 7 Best True Wireless Earbuds India Under 3000 is prepared with lots of research and keen observation of the best product available in the market.

Our buying guide will help you to find out the best true wireless earbuds that give you the best value of your money.

If you have not enough time to read the whole article so you can consider our recommended comparison table that helps you to pick the best product in a short time period.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to put your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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