Best Chair For Programmers India 2022[Latest Top Pick]

best chair for programmers india fi

If you are looking for the best chair for programmers India then you are in the right place. 

Programming is a long hour sitting work. A chair that supports your back and provides comfort during your long working hours is a must. 

According to the report of 2012 70% of people spend more than 7 hours each day sitting down for sending mail, for programming, watching tv and this impacts a lot to your back.

Choosing the right chair is quite difficult if you don’t have proper knowledge about what features make a chair super comfortable and provide better support to your back. 

But wait before we dig deep into this topic, if you are in Hurry then go with these best value for money feature-rich chairs… 

Top Pick

green soul beast ergonomic gaming chair for programmers

Green Soul-Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair

  • Breathable cool fabric PU leather
  • 3D adjustable armrest.
  • Neck & Lumbar pillow.
  • Back angle 90 to 180 degrees.
  •  3 years of warranty

This is a feature-rich gaming chair with a 3D armrest and better lumbar and neck support. The chair looks very ergonomic and best for those programmers who have budget and want an ergonomic solution to their long hour’s programming needs. 

You can also read the in-depth detailed review of this chair in this article. 

Budget Pick

budget chair for programmers & developers india

Innowin Jazz High Back Chair For Programmers /Ergonomic Chair

  • Made with high abrasion resistance material.
  • 2D adjustable Lumbar support.
  • Adjustable head & armrest.
  • Max Weight: 120kg.
  • 1 year of warranty

If you don’t want to spend more and want to buy a decent ergonomic chair under 10k  then no other than Innowin Jazz can satisfy you. The chair comes with 2D adjustable Lumbar Support, a high mesh back for proper airflow, and an adjustable headrest & armrest.

You can also read the detailed review of all its features in this article.

Buying Guide Of Best Chair For Programmers India 2022 

Choosing a product that impacts your productivity and also affects your working hours is very challenging. 
If we talk about choosing a chair for daily commuting then, here you can’t go wrong as it impacts your health also. 
So the question is…

How To Choose The Best Chair For My Programming Needs?

Here in this section, we are discussing what features make a chair best for programmers.
  1. Ergonomic Build: 

A chair for programmers must be ergonomic and highly comfortable. It not only looks very appealing but also comes with a high-quality build. 

2. High Mesh Back:

A chair must have a high mesh back for proper ventilation for your back. It helps to keep you dry and helps to sit longer which is not possible in an ordinary chair. 

3. Adjustable Lumbar Support:

Having proper lumbar support in a chair is very important to support your back. Some budget-oriented chairs come with a very basic lumbar support that is not good for your back.

We have listed some chairs that come with adjustable lumbar support. Normal(good), 2D (better), 3D(Best). 

4. Adjustable Armrest:

You can’t sit comfortably for a long period of time without a proper armrest. A chair with an adjustable armrest provides better support to your elbow, forearm, and wrist to code faster

5. Recline & Tilt Mechanism:

This is also a very useful feature that allows you to tilt some degree backward to relax your body on a long busy day. 

6. Easy Maneuvering Base: 

You don’t like to stand up frequently to take a file kept in few steps away. A chair with a wheels base either steel or nylon base is very useful for programmers.  

Always keep in mind all of the above-listed features in a chair that you are going to pick for sitting long hours for programming. 

7 Best Chairs For Programmers Detailed Review 

1. Green Soul-Beast Gaming Chair For Programmers India

Best In Every Parameters

green soul beast ergonomic gaming chair for programmers
  • Available in 5 Ergonomic colors.
  • Dimensions: 47 x 73 x 122 cm
  • Internal Frame: Metal
  • Made of High-Quality PU Leather and Fabric.
  • Max Weight: 120 Kg
  • 3 year of warranty.



The first chair in this list is one of the best chairs right now with all the required features

The chair truly satisfies the need of a programmer & developer with its ergonomic looks. 

The chair is manufactured by one of the wells known brands in the ergonomic chair market that is Green Soul. 

The look and feel of this chair are something that can easily grab your attention. The chair is available in 5 eye-catching colors combination. It makes you feel like you are sitting in a Racing car

The chair does not only look great but also comes with all the top & latest features such as:

Its Headrest and neck support pillow is fully adjustable and removable that support your head and neck during the stressful busy working day.

The fully adjustable lumbar pillow is also very helpful to keep your back posture straight and avoid back pain. 

One of the most important features that I like most is its fully adjustable 3D armrest that you can hardly see in a budget chair. 

The chair comes with 3 years of warranty and you can hardly find this chair in your local market as I didn’t. 

But buying from Amazon is totally safe as the chair comes with 10 days of return policy.

Overall a nice gaming chair for programmers that is not only ergonomic but also has all the needy features in it.  

2. Green Monster Ultimate Ergonomic Gaming Chair For Programmers And App Developers

Top-Notch Design And Features

green soul monster ultimate ergonomic gaming chair for computer
  • Available in 4 Ergonomic colors.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 71 x 133 cm
  • Internal Frame: Metal
  • Made of Spandex Fabric Upholstery
  • Max Weight: 120 Kg
  • 3 year of warranty.



If you want a beast performance from a gaming chair with unmatchable back support and highly durable build quality then take a look at this monster ergonomic chair.

If you are a professional programmer then this chair will definitely give a professional look to your workplace. Why this is listed in the second position on this list is due to its price otherwise this is one of the best chairs for programming long hours. 

This is another model of the same company listed above. If you are willing to spend a few thousand extra then you will get much better functions than the above-listed chair such as:

Its upholstery material is better than Green Soul-Beast which is made of Spandex fabric with PU leather while Beast has normal fabric+ PU leather.

Its pillows are better than Beast as its lumbar support is made of  Memory Foam & Upholstery – Velour Material while beast has normal material. 

The most important part of a chair is its base that is made of metal while Beast has a Nylon base

Its armrest also comes with additional functionality that is 4D adjustable while Beast has only 3D adjustable armrests. 

Rest features are identical in both gaming chairs. Overall a nice quality gaming chair that provides next-level back support by spending a few thousand extras.

3. Best Budget Chair For Programmers in India From Innowin

Best In Budget

budget chair for programmers & developers india
  • Adjustable Armrest & Head rest.
  • Single point tilt mechanism.
  • A good quality mesh backrest.
  • PU foam Seat Cushion.
  • 2D Lumbar back support.
  • Max Weight: 120 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.



This is a budget-oriented chair from Innowin for Indian programmers and developers especially for students who don’t want to spend much in a chair and want full support and comfort from a chair. 

If you want to buy a chair that helps to sit comfortably for long hours of coding & programming in your tight budget then this could be the one option for you.

The chair comes with a high mesh back, a height-adjustable headrest, and a proper cushioned Armrest to enhance the comfort level during sitting. 

It has a fourth and back adjustable 2D Lumber support that helps to prevent back pain and helps to sit longer.

The chair comes with a breathable mesh backrest that provides a sweat-free sitting experience.

The chair comes with a multi-position lock mechanism that helps to tilt it to some extent. 

Overall a nice chair for those who don’t want to spend much on a chair. This could be the best budget chair for programmers in India Under 10,000.

4. Another Gaming chair for developers India From CellBell

Not a great option

cellbell transformer series gaming chair
  • Available in 4 Ergonomic colors.
  • Dimensions: 55.88 x 73.66 x 137.16 cm
  • Internal Frame: Metal
  • Made of Faux Leather
  • Max Weight: 125 Kg
  • 1 year of warranty.



When you start to research, you will definitely come across this CellBell gaming chair. The company marketed this chair with the theme of the transformer.

The chair looks really stylish and appealing at first sight with some cons. 

Let’s check its features:

The chair is designed with Faux Leather and its internal frame is made of metal. The built quality and looks really impress us but not that much as Green Soul-Beast does.

Its headrest and lumbar support pillow are good but not adjustable.

One of the main reasons that this chair is not a good option under the budget of 15k is that its armrest is only height adjustable

Some customers complain that its armrest is far away that you find it hard to rest your elbow comfortably on it. 

Its base is made of metal and casters are also made of high-quality material.

Overall if you are going to purchase this gaming chair for programming then must read the Green Soul beast gaming chair review at the top of this article.

5. Innowin Jazz Mid Back Mesh Plastic Chair for Programmers & Developers

Innowin-jazz-plastic-chair for coders
  • Glass-filled nylon structure with breathable mesh.
  • Height adjustable armrest.
  • Decent tilt capability with tilt lock mechanism.
  • 45 density moulded seat.
  • 2D adjustable lumbar support.
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg

The chair from Innowin comes without a headrest and is designed with a mid-back mesh.

The chair could be the one option for those programmers whose budget is around 6 to 8k.

The jazz medium back is breathable so there is no chance of sweaty back due to a long time of usage.

The chair doesn’t come with a headrest and we miss this feature at this price point.

The armrest is adjustable but you can only adjust their height. The lumbar support is properly adjustable as you can adjust the height and front and back position with its dial knob.

Its nylon base and 60mm 5 nylon casters can bear load up to 120 kg with smooth motion.

Its seat is molded and made with a soft and thick cushion that provides a comfortable sitting experience. Under the budget of 6 to 8k this could be the best chair for coding long hours. 

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

6. Cellbell c100 Mesh High Back Chair for developers & coders

Best Chair For Programmers India 2022[Latest Top Pick]
  • Headrest height adjustment.
  • 2D adjustable armrest.
  • Weight Capacity: 105 kg
  • Height adjustable lumbar support.
  • 1 year of warranty.

This is another chair around the 8k price range with some good and bad aspects.

Let’s figure it out…

The chair comes with ventilated mesh back which is good and maintains proper airflow in your back. This is a very common feature and almost all the chair company provide it.

You can adjust the height of the headrest but its position is fixed not angle tilted.

The 2D adjustable armrest is also good. The chair can bear up to 105 kg of weight without any problem. The seat is made with a moderate and soft sponge that feel comfortable during long sitting.

Its non-rustable metal base provides good support to the chair and makes it stable. For smooth multitasking, it has 5 nylon casters.

Overall this is an average build I would say. In this price range, you’ll find a fully adjustable headrest, armrest and proper lumbar support in our above-listed chairs.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

7. Wipro mid-back office chair for programmers

wipro-furniture-mid-back-chair for programmers
  • Automatic weight sensing mechanism. 
  • Height adjustable armrest.
  • Available in 5 attractive colours.
  • Cushion lumbar support.
  • Waterfall seat design.
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The last chair on our list is from Wipro, a well-known brand. The chair comes with decent built quality.  Its mid-back is made with ergonomic fabric with proper ventilation. 

The seat is available in 5 eye-catching colours. Its waterfall design is helpful to release pressure from the thighs and lower legs. The seat is very comfortable and made with a high-quality cushion.

The armrest is adjustable but you don’t get a 3D adjustable armrest in this chair. Only the height is adjustable.

The Lumbar support is only height adjustable. The good thing is, a cushion is used in the lumbar area. The chair comes with an automatic weight adjustment mechanism that is only a market gimmer. 

Its two-position locking system is good and provides flexibility to rest your back. The chair could be tilted up to 122 degrees that is also a nice thing.

The base and casters are made with nylon that is good, not good for weight management. 

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Best Chair For Programmers India(FAQ)

1. Which Chair Is Good For Programmers?

A chair with a high mesh back, a headrest(good to have an adjustable one), adjustable armrest (3D is much better), proper lumbar and neck support pillow, could be considered as the best chair for programmers & coders and app development.

For more detailed info must go through our detailed buying guide.

2. Are Gaming Chairs Good For Programmers?

A gaming chair provides more features and options than an ordinary budget chair. They are highly ergonomic and provide more comfort and support to your body.

This is not right to think that a gaming chair can only be used by gammers. It is also useful for every work that can be done by sitting long hours such as study, coding, programming, office work, etc.

Wrap Up On Best Chair For App Developers & Programmers  India

If you are looking for the best chair for coding long hours either at home or in your office having a chair that supports your body posture properly is a must thing.

 Here, in this article, I have listed some best chairs for your computer works that help you to sit longer without feeling tired. 

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