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Best Office Chair Under Rs.10000 In 2022[Latest Top Pick]

Do you know a good office chair can increase the productivity of the staff by 30%?

This is the importance of the best office chair. An ordinary office chair does not provide proper support to your back, shoulders and neck and you feel tired soon. 

It affects your productivity very badly that’s why we are here with a new article that will sort out your problem. 

In this article, we have listed ergonomic and comfortable Best Office Chairs Under 10000 Which come with the latest features and Lumbar support. 

Under the budget of 10000, you will find such chairs which will not only fully support your back but will also enhance your creativity.

So without further delay lets get started…

If you are in hurry then you can consider our recommend table that has all the feature pack office chairs which would give you the best value for your money.

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Solima Elite Office Chair

Innowin Matrix Office Chair

 Innowin Jazz Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under Rs.10000 In 2022[Latest Top Pick]
Best Office Chair Under Rs.10000 In 2022[Latest Top Pick]
Best Office Chair Under Rs.10000 In 2022[Latest Top Pick]

3D Adjustable armrest with direction change

Hight Adjustable armrest

Height adjustable armrest

Made with high abrasion resistance material

Made with high abrasion resistance material

Decent tilt capability with tilt lock mechanism.

Lumber Support

2D Lumbar support

2D adjustable lumbar support

Max Weight – 150 Kg

Max Weight – 120 Kg

Max Weight: 120 Kg

warranty: 3 Years

Warranty: 1 Years

7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under 10000 Review & Buying Guide

1. Innowin Jazz High Back Mesh Office Chair

best office chair under 10000
  • Adjustable armrest 
  • Made with glass-filled nylon structure with breathable mesh.
  • TPU pad
  • Ergonomic Lumbar support.
  • Max Weight: 120 Kg

The first chair in this list is from Innowin. The chair comes with 2D lumbar support which height is adjustable. You can also adjust its depth according to your convenience that is a good feature for an ergonomic chair.

The chair comes with a height-adjustable armrest which is helpful for different height person and helps to find their proper posture. To give proper support to the head, neck and shoulders its headrest can also be adjustable as per requirement. 

Its base is made with Nylon that provides strength to the chair and makes it tough. Its nylon castors have a high load capacity and make the chair stable. 

The ergonomic design and proper lumbar support ensure comfortable and tiredness working capability that also enhances the productivity of your work.

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2. Solima Elite High Back Mesh Office Chair

  • 3D Adjustable armrest with direction change.
  • Made with high abrasion resistance material.
  • TPU pad
  • Lumbar support.
  • Max Weight: 150 Kg
  • 3 years of warranty.

The secound chair in this list is from Amazon Basic Solima Elite. The chair is made with toxic-free material that is also abrasion-resistant.  

The chair is durable and can handle up to 150 kg of weight without any problem. The chair remains stable during high load as its base is designed with a nylon base and its high quality 50mm castors improve the stability of this office chair.

One of the main highlighted features of this chair is its 3D fully-adjustable armrest comes with TPU pad. Their height is easily adjustable and for your convenience, they can also be adjusted sideways

The titled and rock mechanism is very easy. You can also adjust its height according to your convenience. The chair passes the stability test and seat and backrest durability test. 

The chair has adjustable Lumbar support which supports the back well. Its adjustable headrest supports your neck, shoulders and your head so that you can feel more comfortable.

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3. Ample Seating Marvel Ergonomic Chair

  • 3D Adjustable armrest with direction change.
  • Headrest height and angle adjustment.
  • 2D adjustable Lumbar support.
  • 2 years of warranty.

This is the first chair that comes with multiple adjustable parts which are helpful to provide more comfort and relief from back pain.

The build quality of this chair is no doubt good. Ample is an India based company which headquarter is located in Mumbai.

You can adjust its headrest in multiple ways. Not only height but also you can tilt it at a different angle to provide proper comfort to your head, neck and shoulders.

The 3D adjustable armrest is also very convenient for different height person.  The height, Arm cap(front-back) and pivot inwards (angle movement) allow you to rest comfortably your forearm and fingers on the keyboard and provide more comfort for your work.

One of the main features is its fully adjustable Lumbar support. You can easily adjust its height and depth as per your requirement.

Its nylon mesh back is fully breathable and avoid any kind of sweatiness in your back. To ensure stability and smooth motion its 5 nylon casters are attached to the chrome-plated metal base.

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4. Cellbell c100 Mesh High Back Office Chair

  • Headrest height adjustment.
  • 2D adjustable armrest.
  • Weight Capacity: 105 kg
  • Height adjustable lumbar support.
  • 1 year of warranty.

This is another office chair around the 8k price range with some good and bad aspects.

Let’s figure it out…

The chair comes with ventilated mesh back which is good and maintains proper airflow in your back. This is a very common feature and almost all the chair company provide it.

You can adjust the height of the headrest but its position is fixed not angle tilted.

The 2D adjustable armrest is also good. The chair can bear up to 105 kg of weight without any problem. The seat is made with a moderate and soft sponge that feel comfortable during long sitting.

Its non-rustable metal base provides good support to the chair and makes it stable. For smooth multitasking, it has 5 nylon casters.

Overall this is an average build I would say. In this price range, you’ll find a fully adjustable headrest, armrest and proper lumbar support in our above-listed chairs.

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5. Green Soul Newyork High Back Mesh Office Chair

  • Height and angle adjustable headrest.
  • Height adjustable armrest.
  • Decent tilt capability with tilt lock mechanism.
  • Back and Forth adjustable lumbar support.
  • Weight capacity: 110 kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The price of this chair is around 10k whether the chair is worth buy or not at this price range let’s find out.

The built quality is decent and the chair comes with proper ventilated high back mesh this is also very common at this price range.

You will get a fully adjustable headrest, this is a nice thing. You can adjust its height as well as for more comfort and relax your neck and shoulders you can change its angle. 

The armrest is only height adjustable which a downside at this price range. The armrest is padded that provide support to your forearms. 

The lumbar support is only forth and back adjustable. You can not adjust its height. This is another downside of this chair at this price point.

The chair can be tilted up to 105 degrees and you can lock it at any angle with a tilt lock mechanism.

The base is metalised and nylon casters maintain the overall balance of this chair and make it stable during a long working hour.

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6. Innowin Jazz Mid Back Mesh Plastic Office Chair

  • Glass-filled nylon structure with breathable mesh.
  • Height adjustable armrest.
  • Decent tilt capability with tilt lock mechanism.
  • 45 density moulded seat.
  • 2D adjustable lumbar support.
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg

The chair from Innowin comes with an ergonomic design with a mid-back mesh. The jazz medium back is breathable so there is no chance of sweaty back due to a long time of usage.

The chair doesn’t come with a headrest and we miss this feature at this price point.

The armrest is adjustable but you can only adjust their height. The lumbar support is properly adjustable as you can adjust the height and front and back position with its dial knob.

Its nylon base and 60mm 5 nylon casters can bear load up to 120 kg with smooth motion.

Its seat is moulded and made with a soft and thick cushion that provides a comfortable sitting experience. 

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7. Wipro mid back ergonomic office chair

best office chair under 10000
  • Automatic weight sensing mechanism. 
  • Height adjustable armrest.
  • Available in 5 attractive colours.
  • Cushion lumbar support.
  • Waterfall seat design.
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg
  • 1 year of warranty.

The last chair on our list is from Wipro, a well-known brand. The chair comes with decent built quality.  Its mid-back is made with ergonomic fabric with proper ventilation. 

The seat is available in 5 eye-catching colours. Its waterfall design is helpful to release pressure from the thighs and lower legs. The seat is very comfortable and made with a high-quality cushion.

The armrest is adjustable but you don’t get a 3D adjustable armrest in this chair. Only the height is adjustable.

The Lumbar support is only height adjustable. The good thing is, the cushion is used in the lumbar area. The chair comes with an automatic weight adjustment mechanism that is only a market gimmer. 

Its two-position locking system is good and provides flexibility to rest your back. The chair could be tilted up to 122 degrees that is also a nice thing.

The base and casters are made with nylon that is good, not good for weight management. 

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Best Chair For Office Under 10000 Buying Guide

If you want to buy an office chair under the budget of 10000 then you have to take care of a few things before choosing anyone randomly. 

There are lots of brands available in the market with different-different size and features rich office chair. Under the budget of 10k, you must have these features in your ergonomic office chair.

  • High Mesh Back or Mid Mesh Back Office chair

Don’t be confused with these two terms. The 10000 price tag is a huge amount and you must definitely go with the high mesh back office chair.

Some brands due to their name offer only mid mesh back office chair. Built quality wise they would be the best but in terms of price to performance, you have to select the high mesh back office chair.

  • Headrest with height and tilt angle adjustment

This feature is very important that support your head, neck and shoulders properly and provide more comfort to your body. 

You can adjust the headrest according to your convenience. Very few companies provide headrest with tilt adjustment at this price range.

  • 3D Adjustable Armrest With Soft Padded Foam

Very few companies provide this functionality under the budget of 10000. We have listed 2 such types of office chairs which come with this feature. 

This feature gives the freedom to adjust the height of the armrest according to your height. You can also push it back and forth. It can also be adjustable from sideways. 

This type of adjustment provides more comfort to your forearm and fingers while working on the laptop.

  • Fully Adjustable Lumbar Support

Most of the companies claim that their chair’s feature lumbar support but in reality, it doesn’t provide the support to your back properly.

In most cases, the lumbar support is not fully adjustable. We’ve listed 2 office chairs in this article that comes with properly adjustable and well padded lumbar support.

2D adjustable lumbar support provides proper support to your lumbar area and prevents back pain during the whole day working.

You can not only adjust its height but also adjust its back and forth position by using a dial knob.

  • Recline, Tilt And Rock Mechanism

A good office chair must have all of these three mechanisms. These features improve comfort and provide proper posture to your back.

Recline mean how many degrees you can tilt your back. Rock feature is also useful to lock the position of your chair at any angle. 

  • Metal Base Or Nylon Base

Check carefully, how much weight your chair can tackle?  This totally depends on its base material. Some chairs come with a metal base that provides better weight distribution and can bear even heavyweight.

On the other hand, an office chair with a nylon base doesn’t handle the heavy load. Nylon wheels are ideal in almost all the office chairs. 

Final Words Before Wrapping Up On Best Office Chair Under 10000...

Choosing the right chair at the price you pay for is a tricky task. You have to proper knowledge about the features which have must in the best office chair under 10k. 

We have listed all the chairs available at this price range with their pros and cons. Also a Recommended table for making a quick decision. 

Our recommended table is a summary of the whole article. You can go with a detailed buying guide to buy the best chair by yourself. 

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